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Pete & Ivonne, Owners of PEVON Photography

Our Passion

We grew up in the beautiful beaches of Miami, Florida.  Ivonne and I met through a mutual passion, photography.  Living in the fashion paradise of South Beach allowed us to pursue our photography dreams. Beauty and sunlight became our best friends. The camera became an extension of our body and soul. Our connection through this art joined us in marriage. Dedication to detail and service provided us with the means for early retirement.

In 2008 we moved to the great state of Texas in pursue of yet another dream, land, nature and the wonderful country life.

We now enjoy the fun of event photography where festive people not only become our clients but good friends as well. 

We believe in giving back and that's why a portion of our proceeds goes to charities like Children's International and Feed the Children.


When I was 10 years old, my parents gave me my first camera. From the day I received it, I knew I would never put it down. I started photographing family and friends. In my teen years I would photograph many school or community events.  After college I enrolled in Noritsu America school of photography where I landed my first wedding. After hundreds of events I recall every client by name and still keep in touch with most of them. Now photography is second nature to me. If everything was taken away from me today and I could only keep one thing, it would be my Nikon camera.

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